Dodge Infotech - is a digital agency with a complete internet marketing service, many years of experience and numerous awards and awards. We specialize in web and graphic design services, branding, SMM and SEM promotion, SEO optimization services solely using the organic techniques suggested by Google, as well as other internet marketing services.

Whether your site provides information or offers products and services, most visitors will use search engines to find you. Only a handful of people who have heard of your business will search exactly for the website address.

Quality optimization increases your website traffic, which can lead to more calls and queries, but also to a relative increase in interest in your services and products. The budget you invest in SEO for your site optimization can be multiplied multiple times through the extra profit you will make based on a better position in search results.

We live in a time where the internet is taking the ever-increasing share of the cake, becoming the most dominant medium for promotion and advertising. Compared to conventional advertising methods, the internet offers many more opportunities to reach your potential customers. A Google search is a chance to be seen, and to create a solid and good position requires the use of appropriate techniques that will help achieve the best results.

Sites that are optimized the right way have over 80% of search engine visits. Internet traffic is largely driven by search results on commercial search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

If your site does not appear in the aforementioned search engines when you enter keywords in the search box, you can lose an incredible number of visitors and therefore potential buyers of your product or users of your services.

Go further than you thought you could. With us you can go further than ever!

Optimization process and methodology:

  • Consultations

    Consultation with our team of experts who will make a detailed assessment of the current state of your website and determine a long-term strategy for optimization and promotion

  • Keyword research.

    An in-depth study of the keywords that your site should rank in SERP for

  • Competition research.

    Research competitors, analytics with a special focus on planning and launching a promotion campaign

  • On-page optimization

    It involves tidying up and implementing microformats, code validation, tidying up titles, meta elements, optimizing performance and page loads.

  • Content marketing

    Write and add quality and relevant content within your site, launch a blog, and define categories and sub-categories depending on the end-user target group

  • Off-page optimization

    Defining an off-page strategy, promoting, opening and managing a company account on social networks, launching a campaign to build backlinks on blogs in a similar industry (niche) and related topics.

  • Localization of the company

    Signing in to Google Maps, opening a company page on Google's Google My Business and linking them to a website.