Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an area of ​​marketing that is primarily concerned with creating an online strategy for branding and enhancing the visibility of a digital image of a company on the Internet.

Given that 70 to 80% of people have the Internet and spend their time on computers and portable devices and phones (source: Smart insights), both for business purposes and for leisure - and it's no surprise that this area is marketing has become more demanding than ordinary marketing.

The phrase that if you don't exist on the internet, as if you don't exist, it is not so wrong considering that the vast majority of internet users use social networks and more than 2/3 of them visit online stores and buy products online.

Recently, more and more users are finding the desired product through search engines online, and more often than not through direct marketing, which indicates that digital marketing has just taken a turn and can be expected to reach its full potential in the near future.

So why not leave your brand in the digital world as well?

What a digital campaign looks like

After creating the website and writing the content , platforms are selected for the performance and a detailed content marketing strategy is created, which involves selecting adequate graphic and textual means by which the brand will be recognizable both in the eyes of the user and in the search on Google (or other desired search engine). After producing the solution, content is promoted, results measured, with mandatory campaign performance reporting.

Using direct marketing tools through social networks and other forms of communication with potential clients and customers, e.g. through ads on Facebook , LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., then email campaigns, AdWords advertising , etc., a positive brand image is formed and users are called to action.