Corporate Design

Corporate identity denotes a complete graphic solution to a company's identity and represents it on the market. A basic characteristic of corporate identity is one style that recognizes each of its elements. Corporate identity consists of 3 key elements and several supporting elements. The key elements are: logo , business card , memorandum .

Showcase your brand through a unique and comprehensive visual concept, focused on key elements, highlighting the brand's strength.

The visual identity of the company

Each organization has its own identity. Identity is a set of characteristics by which an organization identifies and markets itself. In addition to identity, an organization has an image - that is, the impression that a brand leaves on an individual. In this part of advertising (eng. Advertising ) where a product, service or idea directed to the audience by means of advertising, the most important role of the visual identity.

Visual identity is the basic means of recognition, the set of all visual and physical characteristics of a product, service, idea or company that distinguishes it from other products, services, ideas or companies on the market and thus represent the visual unity of the same. The basic function of visual identity is to enable companies to gain a competitive edge, advance it and retain it.

Today, it is generally accepted that the identity of a corporation represents its overall communication, embodied in culture, beliefs, attitudes, employees, leadership, ownership, strategy, and represented through its visual identity. In business terms, visual identity is synonymous with enterprise mirror.